• ✔ LASER Gum Treatement Efficent and Effective
  • ✔ Faster recovery times
  • ✔ This will save you money and time.
  • ✔ Minimally invasive and less painful than other methods
  • ✔ There's no incision (scalpel) and no stitches (sutures)

The Health of Your Gums Is a Mirror
for the Health of Your Body

Laser Dentistry

Gum Disease Laser Treatment

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18000 Implants to date

Success rate 99.8%

Immediate loading implants

All-on-4 dental implants

Extensive guarantees

- Crown

- Abutment

- Implant

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Implantology Center

If your smile needs rejuvenation, or you have suffered dental trauma then teeth implants may be the solution for you. We offer good quality dental implants for affordable price.

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Laser dentistry

Laser dentistry has revolutionised the way we can treat periodontal disease. At Dental Implant Point we are offer an alternative treatment to conventional periodontal surgery..

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Cosmetic dentistry

Our dentists have a wide range of options to help your teeth look great. Conservative dentistry, on the other hand, concentrates on oral health and hygiene, diagnosing and treating oral disease.

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Dental Implant Point is a dental service provider operating in London and Budapest. Our team has more than 40 years extensive experience on the field of dentistry. We opened our surgery more than four decades ago in Budapest and we have been providing a wide range of dental treatments to our patients constantly since then. We have also been operating successfully in the dental tourism industry since 2009 when our London based operation has been launched. Our London clinic is mainly focusing on implantology and laser dentistry.

  • 18,000+ implants placed to date
  • 99.8% success rate
  • 40 years of experience in dentistry
  • GDC registered dental specialists
  • Undertaking all types of dental treatments from single tooth replacements to complex full mouth rehabilitation
  • We offer 0% interestfree or low cost finance on all treatments in our clinic
  • A Health Care approach to Dentistry
  • An efficient, friendly and welcoming environment
  • Nervous patients welcome
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


How teeth loss effects your appearance

If teeth and jaw bone are missing, they can no longer support your lips from the inside. With time your face will change and look older and wrinkly. Your cheeks and lips are left without the necessary support and become hollow and saggy. To avoid these consequences, speak to your dentist about missing or damaged teeth. With the help of modern dental restorations your tooth or even entire rows of teeth can be replaced with fixed new teeth This will not only bring back your smile and chewing function, it will also stop the jaw bone from shrinking. And they make sure neighboring teeth and your entire mouth stay healthy.

Every tooth counts.

  • New and innovative system
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Improves people’s quality of life
Patient Referral Program

Do you find yourself telling family, friends and co-workers about us when they are on the lookout for a dentist? Make sure to tell us when you do, because when that person makes their first appointment, you could be in line for a reward.

Restore your smile

with modern dental technology, Say no to old fashioned dentures! Dental Implant Point can offer you the modern implant solution.


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